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A Blend of Nerd with Slots!

If you have a thing for science and the labs, then this game is a must play for you! Surround yourself with colorful chemicals and test tubes, because The Lab will want you to have your formulae bang on! Elk Gaming is here with yet another interesting theme, giving us a break from the monotony of fruit and stars.

For those who are huge sci-fi fans, you will love this 5 reels and 15 paylines slot machine. The game is an amalgamation of space and colored chemicals, that make up the theme of this game. The best thing about this slot machine is that you cannot do without strategies. So, if you are someone who sits back and watches the reel spin, this game is not for you!

There are three level of strategies here – Jumper, Leveller and Booster. If you choose Jumper, it will raise your bet level by 1 after each win, but in the event of a loss, it will reset. In the Leveller strategy, the bet will be raised after 5 continuous losses and resets on a win. Booster will raise the bet by one level after each loss and resets on a win. The maximum level a bet can be raised to four.

The Lab Slot Wild

Bonus Features

Apart from the very appealing Betting strategies, The Lab bonus features are not far behind. Let us begin with the part that excites everyone – The Lab free spins. When you get the wild symbol, which is the game’s logo, in the center of the 2nd row – right above vortex, you get 10 free spins.

The reels shift to the right, there is even a multiplier of 2x which can go up to 15x depending upon the type of symbols you have. So, there is a lot going on in The Lab free spins!

How can a game not have scatter symbols? The scatter symbol in this one is ‘X’. And expect a 2x multiplier whenever you spot the X. The best part is, these symbols come up the most after free spins when you are not expecting any more wins.

The Lab paytable

Closing thoughts

A slot machine with a betting strategy, grabbing features and graphics that are not very flashy but still interesting, how can someone not like The Lab! If you enjoy sci-fi entertainment, then this slot game is just perfect for you. Each and every corner of the game shouts science – from the crazy chemicals to molecules.

It is not something you would have experienced on your smartphones and tablets before, and with the expertise of Elk Gaming, we know that it is going to be pure entertaining and will also make you richer!

You probably will not become a millionaire, but sometimes small wins are what it takes to make your day. It is simple and has easy to understand strategies; The Lab Bonus rounds are fun to play and are almost easy money. Why let it go then? Spin now!